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City Archives of Stockholm - Customer Case

The City Archives of Stockholm is both a regional and national archive institution. This means that the City Archives receives archives from both municipal activities within the City of Stockholm and from state authorities in Stockholm County.

In the autumn of 2017, Stockholm City Archives approached ArkivIT’s consultants with a question about how to preserve information from Facebook without violating any terms of use. This question led to the beginning of the developing of the platform Arkiwera. Today, a large number of departments and companies within the City of Stockholm use Arkiwera to preserve not only their information from Facebook but also from platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Joakim Bendroth, an archivist at Stockholm City Archives, was involved from the beginning and expresses satisfaction with Arkiwera and how the system functions.

The City Archives uses Arkiwera to preserve information from various social media platforms. The institution also collects and stores archival packages created in Arkiwera from other departments of the city. The archival packages are ingested to the City e-archive.