About Arkiwera

Social media has enabled an expanded dialogue in the public space. News spread faster than ever, politicians and leaders can communicate directly with a great number of people, and everyone can become an influencer or create a public movement. For the archival institutions and governmental organisations active on different social medias, this creates new challenges and questions.

Arkiwera is a service that helps you to secure your digital assets on different social media platforms and on websites. The system is developed by archivists and developers that has more than 10 years of experience of web archiving.

With Arkiwera you can create schedules for capturing both your social media feeds and websites. You can preserve posts, including reactions and comments, from your feed on Facebook, Instagram, X (former Twitter), Youtube and LinkedIn. The automated process generates a browseable copy of your website or your social media posts. Arkiwera supports both HTML and WARC as preservation formats.

The archive copy can be opened directly in Arkiwera or in a regular web browser. With the search functionality in Arkiwera you can easily search for your historic posts.

All information that you collect can be stored in the platform or, with just a click, exported to your e-archive for example.

You don’t need to be an IT expert to use Arkiwera. All you need is an account in Arkiwera and access to the social media account that is to be archived.

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