Sign with the text "Devyser AB"
Sign with the text "Devyser AB"

Devyser - Customer Case

Devyser is a medical technology company that has been developing, manufacturing, and selling genetic tests to laboratories in over 60 countries since 2004. Their products are used for complex DNA testing in oncology, transplantation, and inherited diseases, enabling personalized cancer treatment, diagnosis of numerous genetic diseases, and monitoring of transplant patients.

Devyser’s products simplify complex genetic testing processes, improve sample throughput, minimize manual handling, and deliver fast results.

As a company in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, Devyser has regulatory requirements to demonstrate and reproduce the messages conveyed through its website, among other channels. Arkiwera supports this by allowing the company to easily and regularly capture its website according to a predefined schedule. Through Arkiwera’s interface, employees can view older versions of the website.

Arkiwera is an easy tool, and we are very satisfied! 

We no longer need to take screenshots of each landing page every time we make an update. When we neeed the information, we can easily go back and present the changes that have been made. This has been particularly helpful when we updated all the text and layout of our pages.